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Hi there!! My name is Tanya I'm from Mexico.

  • I'm 21
  • Mentally dating Cameron Hurley.
  • Coffeeholic.
  • » Don’t be upset when people look at you in a confused, odd manner or call you an outcast. Tell them that there is no place in the world you’d rather be than inside your own mind, heart, and soul. The ones that are worth keeping around, are going to be the ones who can’t figure you out…not because they aren’t able to…but because they choose not to try. - AMD (x)

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  • passthepunk:

    Rock The Walls has officially announced that the Simple Plan and Forever the Sickest Kids co-headlining tour is a go! Plus - The Cab has been announced as openers. One more support band is to be revealed, and dates should be out soon. To keep updated, follow Pass the Punk.

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  • I hate everyone who’s going to see all time low, mayday parade, we are the in crowd and the cab

    YES! I HATE YOU ALL!!! ¬¬


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