under the weight of living

Hi there!! My name is Tanya I'm from Mexico.

  • I'm 21
  • Mentally dating Cameron Hurley.
  • Coffeeholic.
  • Me puse feliz cuando vi que Aurum agradeció a Simple Plan en los agradecimientos de Atlántica. <3

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  • Right now, this song is the soundtrack of my life.

    I feel so lost, I don’t know what to do with my life, don’t know which way to take “/ I feel like everything I do is wrong u.u

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  • I don’t know who has been the luckiest:

    The Olsen twins for having Simple Plan on New York Minute.

    Lindsay Lohan and McFly on Just My Luck.

    Hilary Duff and Three Days Grace on Raise your Voice.

    Alona Tal and Danielle Monet for kidnapping The Click Five on Taking 5.

    Or Miranda Cosgrove and Good Charlotte on iCarly go to Japan.

    Miranda Cosgrove also has been with Plain White T’s on iCarly.

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  • Le us fangirling cause we’re gonna see Mayday Parade in two weeks!! :D

    oh, look! there are SP lyrics too! 

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  • Dear Canadian Astronauts/Hustlers…

    The rest of the world needs videos of Simple Plan singing “freaking me out” with Alex. Could you please upload them? :D 


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  • skeletonsaway:

    A 10 second clip of Alex singing “Freaking Me Out” with Simple Plan

    Vancouver, BC February 11th, 2012

    Pacific Coliseum

    (Source: simplicitytoxicity)

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  • If someone has


    a video of Alex singing Freaking Me Out with Simple Plan last night please send it this way or post it please!

    (Source: cellophaneorigami)

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  • Simple Plan @ Six Flags Mexico singing “fuck you”, “dynamite” and “raise your glass” :D

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