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Hi there!! My name is Tanya I'm from Mexico.

  • I'm 21
  • Mentally dating Cameron Hurley.
  • Coffeeholic.
  • guys help! I need to see a video of this!!!!

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  • "I play music because I love it, I write because I have to, and I live because I haven’t found a better use of my time yet. Smile, you’re not a machine."
    Mike Ferri
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  • Dear Alt. Press,

    I just saw the “AP sessions” with we are the in crowd, and guess what? We are the in crowd aint just about Tay, Jordan and Rob!! Come on!! I just saw Cameron like 10 seconds, oh and Mike?? Was he in the video??

    So please, for the next time I want to see the 5 members and not only 3 of them.

    Thank you :)

    P.S. You’re my favorite magazine.

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  • chel0cean:



    NEW SONG CLIP: We Are The In Crowd - “Moonlight (Kiss Me Again)”

    FUCK YES. this sounds awesome.

    i enjoy this.

    OMG Cameron!!!! :D

    oh sorry..I mean…fuck! the song is awesome!!! and Cameron is hot!

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