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Soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Track listing



1. Too late - Muse

2. Love me like the world is ending - Ben Lee

3. Someone like you - Adele

4. Sister Rosetta - Noisettes

5. Line of danger - Linkin Park

6. Disease - Paramore

7. Cup half empty - Claire Leah

8. It will rain - Bruno Mars

9. Corner of the room - The Fray

10. Falling -…

This isn’t real you guyyzzzz.. We are NOT on The Breaking Dawn soundtrack. *EDIT* In fact, we don’t even have a song called “Disease”… 

… and none of the unreleased songs that we are putting out this year are going to be on any soundtrack of any movie.  

(Source: storybrookeneverland)

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